TeachBoost Update: A Simpler Platform

You may have noticed a few differences when you logged into TeachBoost to prepare for the upcoming school year. Our chief goal this summer was to simplify TeachBoost analysis and create consistency across your school when it comes to teaching support.

We'll be running a series of posts outlining each update and how to take advantage of the feature to its fullest. Here's a rundown of the exciting new features and updates for the 2012-2013 school year:

  1. Professional goal-setting for teachers—Invite your teachers to the TeachBoost platform to set their professional goals and help them acheive those goals. Provide access to your teachers by changing your school settings through the left navigation bar.

    Teacher Goals

  2. Administrator profiles—For each observer, see the breakdown of who they're observing and when. Ensure that no teacher is missed and that every teacher receives the attention and feedback they deserve.

    Admin Observation Count

  3. Simplified analysis at every level—We've revamped the school and teacher profile pages to simplify the analysis of teacher observation data. View observation data against the performance standards that matter to your state or school, with the ability to filter by subject, grade, and observer. Simple, yet powerful—use data to know exactly where to support your staff.

  4. Consolidate your calendars—Link your TeachBoost calendar to any calendar system that you already use. All of your observations will appear on your Outlook, Google, or Apple iCal calendar automatically allowing you to stay organized and share schedules with your leadership team.

  5. Look back in time—School year toggling allows you to view previous year's data, a great way to inform your teachers' professional goals. Change the school year by clicking "Settings" in the left navigation, and selecting a school year in the dropdown. If you're viewing another school year, you'll always know—it'll appear in the upper left hand corner next to the TeachBoost logo.

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