Weekly Coaching Roundup: March 4th, 2019

Weekly Coaching Roundup - March 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

This week we learned about ways to use feedback to help meet the social and emotional needs of every student, why teachers should care about PLCs, the benefits of peer observations, and more!

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How Effective Feedback Supports a Whole Child Perspective

Students take ownership of their learning when they're given a voice and choice. Lauren Smith highlights why it's important to tailor feedback to meet the social and emotional needs of each student.

"Learning is a fluid process that's ever-evolving. If our colleagues are designers of their learning, then as coaches, we need to ensure learning experiences are equitable and designed to meet the needs of the whole child. . . . Feedback offered to our colleagues that is centered on the whole child perspective drives collective actions with multiple pathways to make an impact on student learning with a heart for the learner at our core."

Why Should Classroom Teachers Care About PLCs?

William Ferriter explains how meaningful collaboration through PLCs is important for the professional growth of teachers and staff.

"When a school or a district commits to restructuring as a PLC, what they are REALLY saying to their classroom teachers is, 'We believe in YOU. We believe that the answer to improving learning in our community rests in the hearts and the minds of the people sitting in THIS room. It's YOUR knowledge and skill that we are willing to invest in. We want to empower YOU to find solutions to the challenges that are keeping our kids from becoming their best academic, social, and emotional selves.'"

Bug-in-Ear Coaching

Madeline Will shares how remote coaching and the use of ear pieces helps to deliver real-time feedback.

"The premise is simple: A teacher wears an earpiece during a lesson, which is being live-streamed for an instructional coach who is somewhere else. Throughout the lesson, the coach delivers in-the-moment feedback to the teacher, who can add something or switch gears based on what she's hearing in her ear. Typically, the coach and the teacher will meet to debrief after the lesson. . . . And a growing body of research shows it works. When educators are coached with this technology, they use evidence-based practices in their instruction more frequently."

The Power of Learning With Your Peers

Kendra Murphy promotes the benefits of "learning walks" to create open dialogue, build relationships, and improve instructional strategies among educators.

"Making time to visit other teachers' classrooms provides a small window of insight into the work they've been doing and builds a connection between teachers. That connection provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue and learning about strategies, working through challenges, bouncing ideas off one another and more."

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