Customer Spotlight Series: Pathways to Graduation

New York City's Pathways to Graduation is a public school whose mission is to prepare students for the high school equivalency exam and beyond. From high mobility and population swells to serving a student body whose ages range from 17 to 21, Pathways teachers and administrators face a unique set of challenges.


The school adopted TeachBoost as a flexible solution that would support the teacher observation and feedback cycle in the following ways:

  • Soften the steep learning curve for new teachers.
  • Identify and play to a teacher's strengths, while also gaining insight into their needs.
  • Connect feedback to resources that improve instructional practice.
  • Ensure that the curriculum is engaging and content-rich, offering all students access to a quality education.

Roony Vizcaino, an administrator at Pathways, has spent his career in the NYC public school system, beginning as a science teacher in the Bronx. During this Customer Spotlight interview, Roony details the transformational changes that have occurred since implementing TeachBoost. By "closing the feedback loop" and enhancing the observation process through technology, every classroom visit now spurs a meaningful, relevent dialog aimed at improving teacher effectiveness and supporting a specialized student body.


Listen to the interview below or on Soundcloud, and learn more about Pathways to Graduation on their website.



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