Educator Effectiveness Webinar: "Getting Real About Instructional Leadership"

Thanks to the many educators who joined us for the kickoff TeachBoost's Educator Effectiveness Webinar Series!

Justin Baeder led a compelling session titled "Getting Real about Instructional Leadership" that is essential viewing for school leaders ready to "walk the talk" when it comes to conducting frequent, meaningful, classroom walkthroughs that help improve instruction (teaser: being meaningful is trickier than you think).

View the recorded webcast here:

Justin started strong with an eye-opening review of the key myths around instructional leadership, moved on to the insights gleaned from years in the field (teaser: some were startling and controversial!), discussed the Instructional Leadership Challenge, and finished with a helpful, practical exercise that you can start using today to help you get into more classrooms.

The next event in our Educator Effectiveness Webinar Series takes place tomorrow, and speaks to the unique recruitment and development challenges faced by charter leaders—details here:


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