February 2015 Engagement Shout-Out: Smart Views

With thanks to Medford School DistrictStarr Detroit Academy,Downtown College PrepAchievement School District, and Estacada School District, TeachBoost administrators can now create Smart Views when observing different teacher populations.


Teacher growth and development models are becoming more nuanced. Different actions are required for different teacher populations, and these populations may co-exist within the same school or district.

Differentiation is key, however keeping tracking of it all can be a bit of a brain teaser. With the influx of new coaching and evaluation models, instructional leaders and educators need to be more organized than ever.

Imagine this: Instructional coaching cycles occur three times a year. Those mustn’t be confused with informal observation cycles, which happen every other month. And don’t forget about classroom culture checklists: those are required once every three weeks.

Sound familiar?

New Update

With that context in mind, and with direct input from schools and districts, we released an update that allows instructional leaders to create Smart Views when observing. Whether you’re interacting with a PLC or observing a new teacher, the “New Form” module is customized to display only the information and templates you need at that specific moment.

To find out more, contact your account manager.

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