January 2015 Engagement Shout-Out: TeachBoost Cycles!

This month’s engagement shout-out goes to Cloquet Public Schools and STEM Preparatory Academy. Both Cloquet and STEM Prep were early adopters of TeachBoost Cycles and provided us with key insight as to what worked and what could be better. Thanks everyone!

Quite often leadership interactions such as peer mentoring or formal teacher evaluations comprise multiple actions, all inter-related and important. Keeping track of each step in the process, as well as the key stakeholders, can be a bit mind-bending. With our new update to TeachBoost Cycles, we’ve streamlined the handoff between teammates with a simple click.

A Bit of Background

TeachBoost Cycles help instructional leaders customize the observation process by identifying the different steps in an observation sequence and linking the appropriate templates. Now discrete events like stand-alone pre-observations are automatically linked to the corresponding observation and post-observation conference!

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The Latest Updates

Every cycle summary has an Actions column. You can now assign a user to a specific step by scheduling that step and assigning the appropriate staff members as observer and teacher.

Observation Cycles

Check it out!

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