June 2017 Instructional Leadership Must-Reads


For many, June wrapped up the end of the 2016-17 school year and began summer vacation. Although the school year may have come to an end, that doesn't mean the roundup of instructional leadership must-reads have!

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Students' Best Tech Resource: The Teacher, via Edutopia

Shares effective instructional moves that teachers can make when using technology in the classroom with students. These tips allow for the content to be the main focus of the lesson—not the devices.

"Growth in learning does not typically occur through technology used in isolation. It’s when instructional strategies and human interaction are used simultaneously with digital tools that learning experiences are best seeded for growth."

Establishing Trust: Transitioning from Teacher to Coach, via The LaunchPad

Instructional coach, Joy DeFors, of Center Cass SD 66 in Illinois, shares her practiced techniques for establishing trust with your peers while transitioning from teacher to coach, specifically those within the same building.

"In that relationships are a critical component for effective instructional coaching, it is helpful for coaches anticipating the transition from classroom teacher to instructional coach in the same building to work thoughtfully at maintaining previously established relationships."

Empowering Principals As Designers Capable of Retooling School, via MindShift

Follow the journey of Assistant Principal, Tim Carlin, at Everitt Middle School in Jefferson County, Colorado, and his success of building a possitive school culture after walking into a less-than-positive one.

"In School Retool, facilitators push principals to think of themselves as designers of human spaces. They are uniquely positioned to help all the humans in the building have a more fulfilling and productive experience. Principals control things like the schedule, how spaces are used, communication, school rituals and process—all of which are design levers."

5 Tips for Preparing Teachers for New Classroom Tech Tools, via EdTech

Samuel Mormando, Director of Technology at Garnet Valley School District in Pennsylvania, shares 5 tips to help with the difficult task of preparing teachers for new classroom tech tools.

"For districts to provide meaningful and relevant professional learning opportunities, they need to be conscious of how teachers learn best."

Four Things Every Teacher Can Do to Become a Teacher-Leader, via Edweek

Suggests four activities teachers can do to establish themselves as a teacher-leader within their school. Being a teacher-leader can have a lasting impression on others—are you up for the challenge?

"It’s likely that many of you are already doing teacher-leadership work naturally. To continue growing your leadership, begin with simple, low-stakes activities and build up to wherever your passion drives you."

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