TeachBoost Tips, Tricks, and Giveaways: Filters

Have you been using TeachBoost Filters? If so, check out the contest at the bottom of this post; if not, you’re missing out!


Filters act as “tags” on a teacher’s account, letting you assign a set of unique characteristics to each teacher profile. This comes in handy as you’re aggregating and disaggregating teacher observation data, planning personalized professional development, and tracking the effects of school-wide and targeted initiatives.

  • Add tags that group educators by grade, subject, years of experience, tenure status, or other customizable categories.
  • Segment your Insight reports to better understand school performance.
  • Quickly identify and proactively support new or struggling teachers.

NEW! TeachBoost can create and apply custom filters to your account. Send us an excel or .csv spreadsheet containing teachers’ names, filter categories, and the appropriate filter detail, and within 24 hours the tags will be uploaded to your account.


Here’s an example of what your spreadsheet might look like:


Teacher Spreadsheet


Now, let’s talk about application.


Filters are featured in your school’s observation data summary and Teacher Competency Matrix:


Observation Data Summary

Access all your filters through the buttons that appear above the table.

Observation Data Summary


Teacher Competency Matrix

Click the "Filter" button located on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Filter button


Select your filters from the drop-down list above the report and watch your data update automatically.




CONTEST! We’re interested in how your school is using the TeachBoost Filter feature. The first three schools to shoot us a quick email about their own unique filters, why filters are useful to their work, or ideas on how we can improve filters will receive supersecret TeachBoost swag!

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