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Mid-Year Reviews: Setting Tailored Goals and Actionable Next Steps

Last time we talked about the importance of mid-year reviews: how they can encourage strong end-of-year finishes and growth by identifying master teachers and future leaders.  Now you might be asking yourself, “what comes next?”

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Mid-Year Reviews: How TeachBoost Can Help

Great mid-year reviews lead to strong end of the year finishes and growth, even helping to identify master teachers and future leaders. Here are a few pointers to focus on for your next successful mid-year review.

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PD Planning for Spring? Use TeachBoost to Make Data-Driven Decisions!

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From Ineffective PD to Opportunity Culture

EducationNext has a great piece out this week, one of the many responses to TNTP's report on teacher development. Check out the part that struck the deepest chord with us:

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KIPP San Antonio: A TeachBoost Case Study

We're proud to release our case study on KIPP San Antonio's transformative instructional leadership program. 

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Topics: Instructional Leadership, TeachBoost, Personalized Professional Development, Teacher Observation, Case Study, KIPP

Top 3 Reasons to Attend EdTech Collaborative’s Personalized Learning Summit

We've written in the past about how students think educators should engage in daily edtech "me time." This week, EdTech Collaborative is hosting their 3rd annual Personalized Learning Summit in Chicago, where you can fit a months' worth of me time into a single afternoon!

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Guest Post: Students Recommend Daily Edtech “Me Time” for Teacher PD

This spring, students at Cornerstone Charter School’s Health + Technology High School developed a deeper appreciation for the IT industry through a school build-out project for some fictional but high-profile customers: Richmond High School, the School of Hard Knocks, and Hogwarts Academy.

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Topics: Education, TeachBoost, Guest Blogger, Personalized Professional Development, edtech

Improving Educator PD: U.S. Department of Education Guidelines

"The same personalized, collaborative, anytime/anywhere learning that technology can enable for students should be available for educators and administrators."

Wise words from the U.S. Department of Education, who this month released their EdTech Developer’s Guide.

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Topics: Instructional Leadership, TeachBoost, Personalized Professional Development, edtech

What Does Good PD Look Like?

Change is in the air . . . that’s a lot of hot air.

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Topics: Instructional Leadership, TeachBoost, Personalized Professional Development, edtech

Personalized PD Webinar: "The Turnaround Plan"

Our personalized professional development webinar series continued today with a deep dive into school turnaround, hosted by Detroit Public Schools principal, coach, and turnaround specialist Pamela Askew.

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