Weekly Coaching Roundup: February 11th, 2019

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Read below to learn how to strengthen relationships, ways to use SMART goals to improve your coaching efforts, and why a principal-coach partnership sets the tone for a successful coaching culture.

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Successes Through Coach and Principal Collaboration

Grace Worrell and Melissa Llano, instructional coach and principal at Franklin Park School District in Illinois, reflect on their collaborative partnership together built on trust and respect.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, Your Coaching Toolbox, Coaching, Partnership Agreements, Collaboration, Principal and Coach, Building Relationships

From Coached to Coach: Where Do We Begin?

Maggie Colicchio, instructional coach from Alliance City Schools in Ohio, reflects on her experiences transitioning from being coached as a teacher to becoming an instructional coach herself.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, First Year as a Coach, New School Year Preparation, Principal and Coach, Culture of Coaching, Teacher Leadership

February 2018 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

February was teeming with instructional coaching content! We ran out of room in our weekly coaching roundup and have some must-read articles today on establishing a coaching role with school leadership, principal and coach agreements, how to become a reflective coach, reasons why instructional coaching can fall short, and more. Enjoy!

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Topics: Must Reads, Principal and Coach, Coaching Methodologies, Culture of Coaching