Learn Your Team's Strengths: TeachBoost Escapes the Room!


TeachBoost went on a company outing to Escape the Room NYC, and beyond it being a thrilling and sometimes hilarious experience, it was also a tremendous learning opportunity. We uncovered some of the hidden strengths within ourselves and among our staff.

That got us thinking about the talents and capabilities that instructional leaders uncover when they spend more time in the classroom observing and supporting their teachers.

We built TeachBoost to help educators get into classrooms more frequently, provide more meaningful feedback, and open up communication channels. One of our top priorities is to help school and district adminsitrators "escape the room," i.e. get out of their office and into their teachers' classrooms. So we built time-saving features and efficiency tools like an integrated calendar, automatic time-stamping, and observation cycle tracking. By eliminating the more time-consuming aspects of the observation process, we made it easier for educators to focus on delivering actionable feedback in real time.

But that's not the primary objective. Our larger goal is to help great instructional practices "escape the room." By enabling more frequent and meaningful classroom visits, school leaders uncover exemplary practices within those rooms, and use TeachBoost's data insights to identify areas of strength and need, dissemanate and scale what's working, and build a sustainable model for professional growth.

Rather than pulling in outside resources to provide PD, we help you tap into and cultivate the talent that already exists in your schools and districts.

For us, Escape the Room revealed that some of us are excellent code-breakers, some are great at doing math in our head, some love to keep our team on task, and some thrive under pressure. Now that we have that knowledge, we can think about ways to leverage those skills in interesting ways so that we can be stronger and more effective overall.

What happens when you escape the room?

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