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Lindsey Frank

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Embedding Social and Emotional Learning into Online Instruction

Lindsey Frank, M.Ed., a district-wide Climate and Social-Emotional Learning Coach in Illinois, shares strategies for embedding social and emotional learning into your coaching partnerships, especially within remote learning spaces.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, Feedback, Relationships, Building Relationships, Time Management, Social-Emotional, Student-Focused, Self-awareness, Remote Coaching

Social-Emotional Coaching: Supporting the Stages of Change

Lindsey Frank, the district-wide climate and social-emotional learning coach for Community Consolidated School District 59 in Illinois, shares strategies for understanding and supporting the social and emotional needs of adults—both in partnerships and coaching cycles—in order to impact student learning.

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Topics: Guest Blogger, Coaching, Your Coaching Toolbox, Cycles, Building Relationships, Social-Emotional

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