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Schuyler Adkins

How 3 Oregon Districts Find Deeper Meaning in Teacher Evaluation

Many states have developed teacher evaluation systems with specific mandates around standards, protocols, and rubrics with the aim of ensuring that all educators improve their practice. 

For transformational instructional leaders, however, these mandates can be leveraged beyond compliance; they can be a component of a bigger-picture strategy around teacher growth and development.

Read on to learn how three Oregon districts find deeper meaning in the evaluation process.

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How 3 Instructional Leaders Prepare for the End of the Year

As school and district leaders approach the end of the 2015–2016 school year, they face the gargantuan task of wrapping up one school year while simultaneously planning for the year ahead. With end-of-year preparations underway, final observations/evaluations to complete, and reams of data to analyze, there’s a lot going on!

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Topics: Customer Spotlight, Teacher Evaluation, Teacher Observation, Case Study

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