Weekly Coaching Roundup: January 28th, 2019

Weekly Coaching Roundup 16-1-2019 (Half)

Welcome back to TeachBoost's Weekly Coaching Roundup, our hand-picked list of first-person perspectives, resources, and tools from instructional coaches! Read below to learn the importance of collaboration, how to work with a cranky teacher, and more.

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Coaching Partnerships

Danielle Head and Lesley Burdine explain the importance of collaboration and reflection between a teacher and coach and how relationships can thrive through both short- and long-term partnerships.

"Coach/teacher partnerships are most captivating when both partners are performing their portion of the routine as flawlessly as possible while remaining aware of and sensitive to their partner. . . . It must be clear from the beginning that a coach's role in a partnership is non-evaluative! Instead, the role of a coach is built on supporting and identifying growth goals."

How to Coach a Cranky Teacher

Elena Aguilar shares five tips for creating a partnership with a naturally unhappy coachee.

"Get really, really curious about this teacher. Empty your mind of what they should be doing and how they should teach. Be a fanatical observer of what's going well, of his or her strengths and assets, of their passions and interests. Draw those out."

The Say-Do Method

Vicky Collet highlights the benefits when teachers take ownership to define and set their own goals.

"If I had supplied the words when she faltered, I would have minimized Elizabeth's agency and her motivation for working toward the goal. Instead, because she had crafted the goal herself, she had ownership of it and purpose for her effort."

5 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Natalie Irons and Carrie Usui Johnson offer some insight into asking questions in ways that invite and support thinking, while creating a safe environment for the response.

"Research says that questioning may be the most frequently used instructional intervention used by teachers, with questions reaching up to 400 a day. As it turns out, questioning is also a main component of almost every coaching model.

If educators, coaches, and instructional leaders know the value of asking questions, why have we have all had those moments when our efforts fall flat?"

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