Weekly Coaching Roundup: July 22nd, 2019

Weekly Coaching Roundup - July 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

This week we learned about the benefits of virtual coaching, key transformational coaching strategies, how to introduce yourself as a coach, effective coaching strategies, and more!

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Virtual Coaching for Anytime, Anywhere Teacher Development

Stephanie Affinito explains the benefits of a virtual coaching cycle and why those who don't have in-person coaching opportunities should explore online options.

"With the help of virtual learning platforms, instructional coaching can be done online and offers educators a deeper level of support for their teaching. While virtual coaching shouldn't replace in-person coaching efforts wholesale and while there are many benefits to working with a coach in person, it can be used to complement current instructional practices or provide a new avenue to coaching when an in-person program or coach isn't available."

Coaches as Change Management Leaders

Jennie Magiera relays four key transformational coaching strategies to achieve school-wide improvement.

"The first step in activating our coaches was to rethink how they supported teachers. I began to work on a coaching model to reimagine this position to create both powerful skill and mindset growth. Through this work, I saw that when properly activated and supported, coaches can be the key leaders in systemic transformation."

10 Types of Coaching Strategies

Nicole Turner highlights a few coaching techniques she's found valuable over her career and why they're effective to practice.

"Giving positive, effective feedback is essential to good coaching moving forward (like in finding new goals) and for building on the ever-evolving coach-teacher relationship. I'm not saying you have to be sunshine and rainbows, but you do want to make sure your feedback is constructive without being destructive."

Establishing Beliefs and Behaviors

Allison Peterson shares how foundational beliefs set with her coaching peers helped shape their vision for coaching.

"Writing our own foundational beliefs as a team was vital for us to have a vision for coaching at our school. It also helped us define how we would measure success in our encounters with teachers. I encourage you to engage in this work personally or with a team because it will transform your coaching and your mindset toward teachers on a daily basis!"

How to Introduce Yourself as an IC

Chrissy Beltran provides three ways to introduce both yourself and your role as an instructional coach to your peers.

"Basically, without a good introduction to my role as an instructional coach, there was a lot of misunderstanding as to why I was even on that campus. And it made doing my job very difficult. . . . Make sure you and your principal are on the same page when it comes to your coaching roles and responsibilities. It's important to have a conversation before you introduce your role to your teachers."

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