Weekly Coaching Roundup: June 10th, 2019

Weekly Coaching Roundup - June 2019 (Half) (Seasonal)

Join us this week in learning how to gain teacher buy-in while building a culture of collaboration in your organization, how collaboration can positively impact PD, different ways that teacher surveys help identify goals, tips for building relationships, and more!

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Building a Culture of Collaboration Through Coaching, Part 2: Beliefs and Actions

Cailin Minor expands on how to build a culture of collaboration—after you've already established the skills—with how to inspire your teachers.

"As teachers experience success with collaboration, coaches can support them with reflecting on these experiences. By setting up time or posing reflective questions, we can help teachers make connections and shifts in their beliefs and values. . . . When you take your skills and knowledge of collaboration and work to create positive practices it just feels good!"

Revisioning Teachers' Professional Development through Collaboration

Vicki Collet shares her "Lesson Study" model for job-embedded professional development.

"In contrast to top-down reforms, Lesson Study is professional development that empowers teachers to drive improvement as they determine new ideas and methods to incorporate into their teaching. This job-embedded professional learning process has the potential to improve student achievement by looking closely at classroom practice. Lesson Study is as straightforward as it sounds: the study of a lesson."

Surveys for Better Coaching Cycles (With Examples!)

Amy Rudd explains how teacher surveys can be used to identify goals and discover trends that create more successful cycles.

"After teachers and the coach begin to make connections and build common experiences together, the coach can then use surveys to foster a deeper relationship. Sending them out by email or one of the many online form tools can be even more useful too. Once a teacher completes a survey, the coach can begin to gather data to look for patterns and trends across multiple teachers or even buildings."

Relationship-Building Tips for ICs

Shannon McGrath provides 5 to-dos that instructional coaches can practice to develop strong ties with teachers.

"Teachers rarely get focused feedback on the practices they devote so much of their time to improving. Be constantly on the lookout for small moves your teachers are making that shift students, efforts that go above and beyond expectations, or relationships that are making the difference for students. Highlight these positive moments for those teachers via face-to-face conversations, written notes, or emails—or, even better, emails on which you copy administrators."

Making the Shift from Teacher to Coach

Robyn Hartzell reflects on five tips she wished she knew when transitioning out of the classroom.

"There seems to be an assumption that if you are a good teacher, you will make a good coach; however, the skills needed to guide and influence adults are considerably different from the ones needed to engage students. . . . Training for coaches is limited at best. You will have to seek out your own tribe. Read everything you can get your hands on in the areas where you struggle."

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