Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 23: June 10, 2022

Weekly Coaching Roundup - June 2021 (Seasonal)

This week we learned five tips for making the most out of Summer PD, how administrators can involve teachers in important decisions, techniques for supporting teachers during significant changes to their practice, and more.

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Taking Control of Your Learning

Brandy Alexander shares five best practices to make the most out of your summer PD sessions.

"Even if it may not be your favorite topic, try your best to find one or two ideas that you want to implement in the next few weeks. Try not to get overwhelmed with too many strategies or action items to put into place immediately. Despite the outward appearance, the presenter(s) want to do well, so being present and engaged will help not only your learning but theirs as well."

Thank You, Educators!

Vicki Collet tips her hats to the amazing teachers who believed in and impacted the lives of their students this year.

"As educators, you are exhausted from a long and challenging year. But you have touched the lives of children in an unmeasurable and ongoing way. Although districts spend millions of dollars on curricula, teachers are schools' most valuable resource."

Strengthening Peer Relationships

Miriam Plotinsky encourages administrators to bring teachers to the table when making important decisions, plus three ways to get them involved.

"There is a significant benefit to reciprocal coaching, which allows teachers and leaders to engage in structured conversations that guide one another toward more thoughtful practice. Without the experience of sharing goals and observing one another in action, it is much harder for teachers to have professional empathy for administrators and for leaders to have the chance to benefit from a closer connection to classroom practice."

Supporting the Stages of Change

Steve Barkley highlights three fears teachers may experience when making significant changes to their teaching practices and a few ways ICs and admins can support them.

"Administrators need to be communicating a non-evaluative role during the change and providing motivation, support, and encouragement during a transition. . . . If you are engaged in providing professional learning for teachers this summer, be sure to be planning for the purposeful support and environment as they implement their learning with students."

Throwback Roundup 👉 Teacher Appreciation Techniques

TeachBoost compiled seven articles from your peers with ways to show gratitude and thanks to your staff. Click the image below! 😉

Thank You Teachers

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