Weekly Coaching Roundup: November 19th, 2018

Weekly Coaching Roundup - November 2018 (Seasonal)

Our latest Weekly Coaching Roundup covers the benefits of co-teaching, how instructional coaching can impact student achievement, the value of mentorship, and more. Enjoy!

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Co-Teaching: Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Dr. Fran Rogers and Austin Greene share three approaches and examples to co-teaching and how to practice them in a teacher-coach partnership.

"If we are not careful, co-teaching falls right into this category of surface level intimidation, leaving educators unaware of the possibilities of quality implementation. . . . Perspicuity with co-teaching diminishes fear of the unknown and makes the concept more welcoming and approachable."

Is Coaching an Intervention?

Alicia Hull breaks down the meaning of "intervention" and how the work between a coach and teacher shouldn't be viewed or practiced with this mindset.

"Utilizing coaching as a means to change teacher practice for the sole purpose of increasing student achievement is about fixing problems, not about the collaborative work of the coach and teacher to continuously grow and improve instruction. As mentors, we need to help coaches raise awareness of those who might view coaching as an intervention for teachers."

Instructional Coaches: Another Layer of Support in Classrooms

Cheyenne Alexis highlights one district's success using instructional coaches to aid teachers through co-teaching and student learning.

"The instructional coaches help out by sitting down with teachers and reflecting on what they need help with in certain subjects, or co-teaching in the classrooms to provide different styles of learning."

Supporting New Teachers

Steve Barkley explains the value of mentorship between teachers—both veteran and new—to build skill level and confidence in their practice.

"For most teachers, the motivation to teach isn't found in the standards that students need to meet. . . . Mentors can begin by sharing their own personal passions and beliefs about teaching and how they manage to deal with meeting the standards while achieving those additional elements that generate a sense of power, freedom, and fun."

The Changing Roles of Educators

Matt Renwick overviews how mentorship and coaching can spark our drive to change both our practices and ourselves.

"Our role as educators needs to shift from the person delivering the content to a coach or a mentor, providing feedback and offering suggestions when necessary."

The Importance of a Mission-Driven School

Sean Woytek stresses the importance of leading with "why" within your school or district through shared visions and goals.

"The why is what drives us when we are stressed and motivates us to continue. Most educators get into the profession to make a difference. Our why is what compels us to enter a profession that has a 50 percent turnover rate within the first five years."

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