Customer Spotlight Series: Collaborative Arts Middle School


New York City's Collaborative Arts Middle School, located in Queens, is in its third year of operation. During this TeachBoost Customer Spotlight interview, founding principal Tammy Holloway shares her reflections from the field, touching on teacher effectiveness, school culture, and using teacher observations as a tool for instructional coaching, personalized professional development, and continuous growth.


As a product of the NYC public school system, Ms. Holloway leveraged lessons learned as a student, as well as from her sixteen years as a NYC teacher and administrator, to build a set of founding philosophies for CAMS. These philosophies included:

  • Prioritizing coaching at every level, from teachers, to coaches to administrators
  • Conducting meaningful, reflective, and frequent classroom
  • Embracing an open-door communications policy
  • Adopting systems and tools that promote and enhance a culture of creativity and community

CAMS first adopted TeachBoost as an observation tracking tool, however they quickly moved beyond convenience and compliance in order to target and differentiate professional development based on TeachBoost data and Insights. Learn more about their transformation in this powerful interview, a great resource for first-time administrators and those at the helm of new schools.


Listen to the interview below or on Soundcloud, and learn more about Collaborative Arts Middle School on their website.


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