Customer Spotlight Series: Downtown College Prep

Downtown College Prep comprises three, soon-to-be four, charter school campuses in the San Jose area. Over the past year, DCP’s focus on instructional leadership has opened the door to better teacher-administrator communication, more frequent peer collaboration, and a stronger, more unified vision for school-wide improvement.


An emphasis on frequent, informal classroom walkthroughs, guided by a customized observation framework, lies at the heart of DCP’s instructional leadership initiative. These walkthroughs, bolstered by TeachBoost, provide an opportunity for teachers to receive the support feedback they need, when they need it, and allow administrators to keep their finger on the pulse of each school’s instructional practices.


During this interview, instructional leadership specialist Maria Baeza describes how the network administrators, school leaders, and instructional coaches leveraged technology to unlock the power of classroom observations, turning every visit into an opportunity for authentic feedback, targeted mentoring, and differentiated professional growth.


Listen to the interview here, then follow DCP's twitter feed.



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