From Ineffective PD to Opportunity Culture


EducationNext has a great piece out this week, one of the many responses to TNTP's report on teacher development. Check out the part that struck the deepest chord with us:

We’re partial to the Opportunity Culture approach, because unlike other efforts, it is financially sustainable—and thus scalable to any school anywhere. In Opportunity Culture schools, successful professional learning is no mirage. Teachers are redesigning their schools’ roles and schedules so that great teachers reach more students, and most teachers work in teams led by excellent teachers. Each team leader takes full responsibility for teacher development and student learning in the team’s subjects and grades. In the 34 schools that implemented an Opportunity Culture last year, teacher-leaders earned an average of $10,000—and as much as $23,000—more for these advanced roles, giving them a clear stake in successfully developing other teachers. They have additional school-day time for planning and co-teaching, coaching, modeling, and collaborating with their teams—providing genuine, on-the-job, consistent development. A team of teachers and administrators at each school decides how to reallocate money to fund pay supplements permanently, in contrast to temporarily grant-funded programs.

Teachers as leaders; communities of learning; coaching; collaboration; sustainable, personalized PD—those are TeachBoost's values, and it's the type of work we support in schools and districts across the country.

Do you have an opportunity culture in your school? We'd love to hear about it!

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