How to Avoid Bad Edtech Relationships

This week's EdSurge podcast is a must-hear for educational leaders and edtech leaders alike, because it focuses in on an extremely important, and semi-controversial, topic—why school districts break up with edtech providers.

We've been vocal about what we think school districts need from edtech companies. We formed our opinions over years of working with instructional leaders. EdSurge's piece confirmed that educators across the country agree: we have to listen, respond to feedback, be agile, and empower educators to scale the practices they've spent their careers developing.

The feature starts around minute 7 of the podcast:

Here are a few sound bites that really spoke to us, all of which come from the educators EdSurge interviewed:

  • "The technology is only as good as the people using it. . . . The tool has to fit into what already happens."
  • "If they don't transcend the barriers with the people that I'm leading, then I'm quick to let the tool go."
  • "Because the software system is not adjusting to [our state] model, a lot of schools are abandoning the software."
  • "When an entire state of users say 'this isn't working for us,' [companies] have to be adaptable."

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Find the Right EdTech Partner

To help districts make the best decision possible, we assembled a list of considerations to factor in as you as weigh your edtech options.

  • Customer support is critical. Ask the company how they handle support and account management. Is it hands-on and personalized? Is there a dedicated team behind it? Does it cost extra?
  • Work with a partner rather than a vendor. A partner doesn't just solve your immediate need; a partner works with you to achieve your long-term vision.
  • Less is more. Sometimes the best thing to do, rather than build out or add tools, is consolidate your resources into as few systems as possible. Ask yourself, will this streamline our existing processes? Will it make our work easier, and make our efforts more effective?
  • Consider the mission alignment with your district. Here's TeachBoost's mission in plain terms: We're empowering instructional leaders to develop their team to its greatest potential. We take an educator-first mentality in everything we do, driving us to build best-in-class online tools and personalized support.

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