Instructional Coaching Session at the Fall CUE conference


This past weekend I flew down to the Bay Area to attend CUE's fall conference and watch a few of our CA schools present on leadership, instructional coaching, and technology tools that enhance the learning experience.


My two favorite sessions:

Downtown College Prep's session featured TeachBoost as a transformative instructional leadership tool that's helped them take their coaching and mentorship work to the next level. It's wonderful to hear our customers share their own stories of success. I'm reminded that the work we do has a tangible, positive impact on the educators we serve, helping them personalize professional development; giving teachers a voice in the observation, goal-setting, and coaching process; and ultimately affecting student outcomes.


Both DCP and Gunn have been fantastic partners over the last two years. We profiled DCP's instructional leadership specialist in a Customer Spotlight interview, and we featured Gunn High School's Roni Habib in our webinar series. If you'd like to learn more about their journeys, please get in touch.

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