Introducing the TeachBoost Library

TeachBoost has always focused on providing the simplest tools for streamlining the observation and feedback process and bolstering instructional leadership. Today, we're releasing a brand new feature to help fully integrate your professional development resources into the process. That feature is the "Library," and it's intended to be exactly be exactly what it sounds like: a library of professional development resources tied to your framework and highly relevant to your school.

TeachBoost Library Home

Aligned to your framework

We've provided a place for you to manage all resources related to your framework, namely PD resources and rubric language.

Professional Development Resources

In some cases, we've curated resources that tie directly to common frameworks. In addition to those resources, it's incredibly easy to link up the PD resources and content that you already use at your school by navigating to the related component and adding a resource via the actions toolbar. Easily paste a web link to include it in the library, or upload your own file to include in the library for sharing with teachers.

Library Add A Resource

When viewing a competency, you'll see all of the related resources related that have been added for your school. Resources added can be seen by everyone in just your school, and those added by district administrators will be available to all schools in that district.

Library View Resources

Comment Bank/Official Rubric

Below the resources you'll find the rubric for the competency you’re viewing. Generally, when we add your school to TeachBoost we add your framework language that you supply us to the comment bank. Now you can continue to add language to the comment bank to further save time when giving similar feedback across observations. Any comments you add can be viewed by the rest of the school. Comments in this list will appear in the comment bank while you’re conducting observations.

Forms Library

In addition to providing a library for your professional development resources, we've also created a library for some of the best templates created on TeachBoost thus far. Easily browse through the forms library to find additional templates like a bulletin board or classroom environment checklist and download them to your school. Or, use the forms library as inspiration for your own templates to expand your TeachBoost usage.

As always, hop on the live chat to get help with integrating additional forms and templates into TeachBoost!

TeachBoost Forms Library

Library Integration Throughout TeachBoost

One of the most powerful uses of the library is pulling in resources directly into the feedback, next steps, and discussions that happen between you and your staff. We've integrated the library into several familiar places on TeachBoost.

Embed Library Resources

You'll notice three specific areas where you can integrate resources with your feedback, planning, and discussion messages:

  1. Adding next steps after an observation.
  2. Adding an action step to a goal.
  3. Within the discussion after an observation.

Add Library Resources

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or email to get our assistance in making the library a valuable resource for your school. We hope it gives you the opportunity to provide examples of best practices to your staff, ideally sourced directly from your own teachers!

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