June 2015 Engagement Shout-Out: Holistic Teacher Observation Scores

Do you give overall ratings for each teacher observation? If so, you can now use a new feature to calculate those scores automatically on the final report. Shout-out to Forest Park School District 91 for your guidance and feedback on this one!

Teacher Observation Overall Score

The Need

You’re used to giving ratings for each framework component you observe in the classroom, and all this data aggregates easily into the TeachBoost Insight reports. But you’re also looking to offer a holistic rating for the observation in its entirety.

What’s Changed

We’ve added a setting that will automatically calculate the overall score for an observation based on the components you rated. The numeric score displays at the bottom of the final report, along with the rating.

Important Note

For the time being, this is a setting that your Account Manager can activate for you. If you’d like to see it in action, get in touch with Kate or Amy and let us know which form(s) should have this feature added!

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