2013-14 NYCDOE Requirements on TeachBoost

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It's been a wild summer for New York City's nearly 1800 public schools. TeachBoost has been hard at work to ensure we can help you manage the change to the city's teacher evaluation system. We've summarized all of the changes you'll notice this year.

State Requirements

TeachBoost has adapted all state requirements into the platform for use in 2013-14. From the initial planning conference to the final evaluations and everything in between, you'll notice that the templates reflect the requirements you'll need to meet for this year.

Initial Planning Conference and Evaluation Option

To start the year, each teacher must meet with their administrator to discuss their evaluation option of choice (1 formal, 3 informal observations or 6 informal) and set goals. In TeachBoost, both administrators and teachers can set their option prior to or during the initial planning conference. When you view a teacher's profile, you'll always be able to reference the option in the upper right corner.

Teacher Evaluation Target

Additionally, it's easy to see which teacher's are falling behind on the full list of teachers. Red indicates that the teacher is overdue for an observation, yellow signals they're at risk of falling behind, and green means they're on pace according to the target.

Completed Teacher Observations

Once the option has been set, it can only be modified in the "Manage Teachers" page, an administrative spreadsheet for maintaining the staff roster.

We've created a thorough "Quick Start Guide" to the Initial Planning Conference--download it and take a look!

Final Report for File

TeachBoost has created the exact document that must go in a teacher's file (according to the state and city). With one click, the document is generated and ready to be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

The document includes signature lines, a summarized automatic HEDI rating, and all rated components from the observation. Here's a sample of what it looks like.

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