Quick Tips for Remote Coaching with TeachBoost Coach

Header - 3 Tips for Remote Coaching

Now more than ever teachers need the support of coaches as they adapt to distance learning. TeachBoost Coach makes this transition seamlessread on for some tips on how to keep doing your amazing work virtually!


ducators are being flooded with new tools and practices right now. Luckily, being the resilient group they are, many have jumped right into the fray and made it their challenge to figure out how to deliver a high quality education remotely.

During these times of change, there are ways you can continue your great work with teachers with TeachBoost Coach. Below are a few quick tips on remote coaching to get you started.

1) Don't abandon goals, adjust them!

Creating a goal around classroom engagement may not feel as appropriate when there's no traditional classroom. Engagement with an online platform, however, isn't all that different if you think about the core skills being worked on, like increasing participation from all students.

TeachBoost Coach allows coaches to edit goals already set, without losing the progress thats been made so far. Coaches are able to adjust the text of the goal, or even the focus area, to reflect the shift towards remote learning environments.

Edit Goal

2) Reach more teachers, faster

With so many new tools being introduced, you might notice there's a large influx of teachers who have questions and need your support. You can use Informal Coaching to quickly share a resource, schedule a meeting, add evidence and more, without needing to set a goal for them first.

Informal Coaching

3) Don't forget about your impact!

Use the Data Export to review your work as a coach. You might find it helpful to look for trends in where teachers are setting their goals, or how much time you’re spending doing informal work with new teachers.

Export Data

Final note

Your friends at TeachBoost are committed to searching for more ways to support instructional coaches! Stay tuned for upcoming product-related posts on ways you can to use TeachBoost Coach during your remote coaching efforts. 😀

Check out March's Weekly Coaching Roundup as well for a list of best practices and tips for distance learning for teachers and coaches—plus reflections from your peers on their experiences so far.

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