Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 14: April 8, 2022

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - April 2021 (Seasonal)

This week we learned how one instructional coach delivers PD every month in a bag, a blueprint for organizing your own EdCamp, why it's important to say no at times, and more. Enjoy!

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Facilitate Teacher-Centered PD with EdCamps

Jenny Steller overviews the EdCamp model for PD and the steps you can take to help your teachers organize their next one.

"EdCamps are informal sessions by and for teachers, where any participant can facilitate. The focus during an EdCamp is on collaboration and connections, group expertise, and instructional design. Each session has a facilitator, not an expert presenter, that encourages conversation and upholds the group norms."

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Chrissy Beltran explains the importance of simply saying no at times and why documenting your work as an IC can help to justify your response.

"It's not selfish to be prepared. To be an effective coach, you need to do prep work. . . . Unfortunately, prep work is invisible to many principals and teachers. They often don't realize that you have to do it, so it's not on their radar. That's why you need to include prep time on your calendar. If it's not on your calendar, it's not clear to anyone else what you're doing during the day."

How to Lead a PD Huddle

Gretchen Schultek Bridgers promotes an engaging and easy-absorbable microlearning technique for teachers as an alternative to the dreaded sit-and-get PD model.

"The format motivates teachers to be present and fully understand a concept before trying it without giving up excessive amounts of time in their day. An increase in teacher participation turns into increased motivation and results in higher percentage of implementation of learning. This will yield a stronger return of teacher growth and development which impacts student achievement."

Addressing Teacher PD Burnout with Tech Take Out

Emily Cowan delivers tasty treats and PD in paper bags for teachers to consume at their own leisure.

"During my one day a month in the building, I spend part of my day delivering the PD to each teacher's room. I t gives me the opportunity to check in 1-on-1 with each teacher, ensure they get my PD menu, and surprise them with a treat. This delivery service has opened the door to plenty of in-the-moment coaching opportunities and has helped build rapport. It has truly transformed and extended my reach within the building."

Building Your Credibility

Vicki Collet believes educators become creditable in their peer's eyes when they possess both experience and knowledge in their field.

" Credibility is earned through both rational and emotional perceptions. As coaches, our facts must line up, and we must also exude energy, make eye contact, and show quiet confidence to support an emotional perception of credibility. Credibility is both what we know and how we show what we know. And of course, if we love our work, that will show, too."

Put Your Phone Down!

Jim Knight voices the impact of being present in a conversation and how it helps combat loneliness for ourselves and those around us.

" Conversation is especially important in schools—even more so during the pandemic, which has brought with it so much uncertainty and forced isolation. . . . One antidote to loneliness is connection through conversation. It's as true for K–12 educators as anyone that a single conversation can help you feel heard and seen, breathe life into your existence, and show you that you aren't alone."

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