Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 49: December 10, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - December 2021 (Seasonal)

This week our Weekly Coaching Roundup shined a light on how ICs can build a coaching relationship with principals, four ways to move beyond tech support as a Digital Learning Coach, why setting boundaries is crucial in coaching, and more. Enjoy!

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4 Ways to DO More Than Just Tech Support as an IC

Ever feel like your role with teachers involves only being asked to put out fires? 🔥 Delrose Adkinson shares four steps that will help you set boundaries and establish your coaching identity with your staff.

" Successful coaching relationships are built on empathy and trust, and building these relationships takes time. Avoid the pitfall of devaluing the time you spend on intangible relationship-building work. . . . After securing the teacher's partnership, create a personal plan for every interaction, and identify your goal for the experience."

Making Principal Coaching Work

Denisa Superville and Laura Baker looked to veteran coaches for advice on how ICs can build a coaching relationship with their principals.

"Without this essential ingredient, any principal-coach relationship is destined to fail. Principals will not engage in the necessary frank and open conversations that lead to breakthrough moments. The coach bears a large responsibility in forging that trusting bond. Frequent meetings at the beginning of that relations can help lay the foundation, but coaches must also let principals know that they are in a safe, judgment-free zone and that their conversations won't leave the room."

Preventing Teacher Burnout

Kevin Leichtman believes there are five areas leaders should focus on to sustain a positive working culture in their building and retain teachers.

"Effective leaders understand that added pressure with no added purpose will simply lead to more stress and burnout. On the other hand, leaders can build a strong culture by leading with purpose. Any policy you implement with a powerful, clear, connected purpose can be successful. . . . Be an obstacle remover. Amazing school leaders seek out areas where teachers don’t feel autonomous."

Getting Teacher to Initiate Coaching Cycles

Chrissy Beltran suggests that ICs who experience coaching reluctance with their teachers should try one of her five practiced techniques that help shift a coaching culture from avoidance to one of excitement.

"We want to begin with the teachers who are excited to work with us and have some good things happening in their classrooms. . . . When teachers see the benefits of the coaching cycles in the model classroom, they become interested in participating in a cycle. They realize the coaching cycle isn’t scary, but rather is supportive. The model classroom can act as a commercial or billboard for what is possible with coaching."

A Focus on Self-Care

Stacy Winslow encourages educators to fuel their passion for education by allocating time this year for professional learning on topics they are enthusiastic about.

"We should focus on finding meaning and real satisfaction in our work and personal lives instead of covering up our stress and discontent. Although it might sound counterintuitive, one way to do that is giving yourself time and space to engage in professional learning. . . . Learning should be part of who we are as educators, and we all deserve time on the job to improve our practice. Gather some like-minded colleagues and propose a professional learning community."

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