Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 6: February 11th, 2022

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - February 2022 (Seasonal)

This week we learned a few feelings ICs face and advice on ways to manage them, a sweet and energizing way to build relationships with teachers, why being visible as a leader is crucial for your organization's morale, and more. 😀

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Cupcakes and Coffee with the Coach

Who can resist a sugary treat or a hot cup of joe?  ☕ Julie Nelson offers a sweet and energizing way to strengthen your relationships with teachers.

"Create a sign-up that is visible to all; I used a Google Doc. Advertise with a cute sign-up and irresistible invitations. Teachers are more likely to sign up if they see others are doing it, and that helps create a buzz about your event.. . . . After the event, send handwritten thank-you notes for spending time with you and highlight something special about each teacher and their work."

The Unexpected Impact of Words

Steve Barkley shares a handful of words and phrases he tends to avoid in conversations with teachers unless they say them first.

"A starting point for me is focusing on capturing and using the teacher's words as much as possible. Evaluators and supervisors tend to use the words of the system or program. Coaches use the words of the teacher."

All the Coaching Feels

Chrissy Beltran highlights what she believes to be the four primary coaching feelings and how to make each of them feasible.

"There's a ton of stress in coaching work. You're expected to do more than is humanly possible. . . . One thing that helps me is finding something to look forward to. A fun project can motivate you during difficult times. If you're frustrated, you can turn to the thing you're excited to work on. Start focusing your energy there and give yourself a boost."

How To Lead with Empathy

Paige Tutt shares six ways principals can boost their school's morale by becoming more visible and getting in the trenches with teachers.

"As an administrator, simply making yourself more visible introduces spontaneous opportunities to forge relationships in the school building. . . . Greeting staff as they enter the school building every morning, as well as periodically visiting areas where staff congregate—like the teachers' lounge, for example—communicates that you are present and available."

"Managing Up" in a School Setting

Jenn David-Lang and Donna Spangler believe educators can increase job satisfaction and make the changes they envision by learning how to communicate with their supervisors.

"Choosing the right approach is critical because some supervisors are influenced more by their heart, while others are more likely to follow their head. . . . Be sure to ask clarifying questions—perhaps there's more to the issue than you thought. And listen to what your supervisor has to say. Asking questions will give you background information to help you understand your boss's perspective as you work toward a solution. It also creates a shared understanding of the issue. Asking questions is essential for creating openness and trust with your supervisor."

Throwback 👉 Building a Culture of Appreciation

With Valentine's Day around the corner, now's the perfect time to spread some love and appreciation to all of your staff members. 💕 Learn from Brandy Alexandera fun and creative way you can do just that.

"At first, we planned to label one larger envelope for the lunchroom staff and one larger envelope for the custodial staff, but we wanted everyone to feel personally included. Therefore, we hand-wrote an envelope for every - single - staff member. . . . You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day; affirmation stations spread kindness across the school any week of the year. In fact, it's an excellent way to start the year off on the right foot."

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