Weekly Coaching Roundup: February 25th, 2019

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - February 2019 (Half)

Thanks for checking out TeachBoost's Weekly Coaching Roundup! This week our subscribers learned about the adult learning theory to coaching, tips for time management, how to persevere through goals, and more!

The Coaching Approach to Adult Learning

Have you ever struggled to reach a reluctant coachee? Jennifer Lane applies the adult learning theory to coaching and explains how it can be used to engage reluctant educators in continued professional learning.

"The two loudest and most common lamentations on professional development tend to be that teachers may or may not find it relevant or too beginner, and that they aren't afforded the opportunity to experience scaffolded and ongoing support to put new strategies into practice effectively. . . . When structuring professional development opportunities, be sure to allow for teacher choice whenever possible to increase perceived relevance and applicability toward an immediate teacher problem."

How to Coach the Overwhelmed Teacher

Elena Aguilar shares 5 tips for working with teachers who are feeling stressed and why it's important to acknowledge these strong emotions.

"Asking someone to connect to their internal resources and how they managed overwhelm in the past can help them jump-start their actions. This also allows you to be a facilitator of growth and not the director of it—your client has the resources and answers to solve their problems, and you just help them remember that."

Time Management Skills for Coaches

Have you ever asked yourself, "how am I supposed to get this all done!?" You're not alone and Nicole Turner is here to help. Check out her article to learn ways to manage your time, prioritize your day, and combat feeling overwhelmed.

"One of the hardest things to do as an instructional coach is find time in the day for everything that you have to get done. . . . By setting goals for yourself, you are deciding what is important to you as a coach. Everything else you do can be centered around working towards those goals."

Translating Goals Into Behaviors

Steve Barkley shares how you can persevere through challenges in any goal by breaking them into "required behaviors."

"Develop a plan for yourself and for your students to celebrate the execution of desired behaviors. Celebrate that you can document persistence in staying with the plan. That’s the initial thing to celebrate. If you do that, when you step on the scale and get the message you want, it will reinforce your beliefs about perseverance. That’s what drives you to continue persevering."

Let Them Grow

Vicki Collet explores some strategies for getting students to create their own success through different types of self-assessment.

"In order to realize the vision and measure progress, annual collaborative creation of clearly articulated SMART goals is critical. SMART goals provide the context for moving forward. . . . A consistent focus, clear vision, aligned goals, celebration of success, and continuous learning have created a culture in which the status quo is challenged and outcomes and opportunities are consistently improved for students."

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