Weekly Coaching Roundup: January 14th, 2019

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Weekly Coaching Roundup 16-1-2019 (Half)

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Coaching Strategies to Support Personalized Learning

Nancy Meisenger offers seven qualities that instructional coaches need to support the implementation of personalized learning.

"Personalized learning is not a free-for-all, it's actually very intentional. As a coach, we must help teachers understand that they can determine where and when this personalization can occur. . . . As in any coaching cycle, the true partnership between teacher and coach is imperative."

Growing a Coaching Relationship From the Ground Up

Sarah Tellman Veloz recommends five techniques to facilitate a teacher-coach connection.

"The relationship between a coach and teacher is the critical lever that initiates and sustains any successful coaching venture, and a teacher's willingness to receive that coaching is essential for growth on any level. Crucial for all coaching success is the leveling of any perceived hierarchy. When teachers relate to coaches as professional equals, the power balance enhances the relationship's quality and efficiency."

Rejuvenate Your Co-Teaching

Elizabeth Stein provides a few ways to create stronger connections in co-teaching partnerships.

"At this point in the year a range of co-teaching experiences have emerged. Experiences range from strong collaborative partnerships to limited, and possibly dysfunctional, partnerships. And every scenario you can imagine in between. . . . This new year provides any co-teacher the opportunity to use the skill of reflection to illuminate a powerful co-teaching experience for the remainder of this school year."

Coaching Teachers to Become Powerful Tech Users

Katrina Schwartz shares what makes a good coach, the role of mentors, and how they can both support teachers in rolling out classroom technology.

"Schools have already invested in the technology, now they need to invest in coaching for teachers to make this fairly profound shift in practice. But coaching can be a lonely job—that person often has no one else in their building doing similar work. That's where the mentor comes in. Mentors are a resource for coaches, so they continue their own professional growth too."

Using Questions to Support Thinking

Vicky Collet compares two types of questioning techniques—funneling and focusing—and how each one can support coaching conversations.

" Funneling questions start broad and get narrow, leading the learner to your answer—the idea or approach you had in your head. Focusing questions support the learner's responses and guide them based on their own problem-solving pattern. Although there are times when funneling is the right approach, when you are ready to tip the balance and shift responsibility to the teacher, focusing questions will be your friend."

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