Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 2: January 14th, 2022

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - January 2022 (Seasonal)

This week we learned a goal-setting activity you can use at your next staff meeting, what a coaching one-pager is and why every coach should have one, how to maintain a positive coaching "ripple effect" in your organization, and more!

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Coaching One-Pagers

Rachael Moola shares a creative way to quickly describe your role, professional goals, and the type of ways you support teachers.

"If you think it would be helpful, address some misconceptions directly by explaining roles you're not attempting to fill (such as fixing instruction, etc.). Brand yourself around student goals, and then provide your colleagues with particular ways that you can collaborate to reach those goals. Be sure to emphasize your work as a partnership rather than leadership, and you'll position yourself for meaningful, productive coaching experiences moving forward!"

Creating Reflective Learners

Nicole Turner suggests celebrating teachers' wins and hosting a goal-setting activity at the start of the school year and the new year.

"When teachers are setting goals, remind them you want them to be S.M.A.R.T. goals. By using this formula, you are making sure the goals your teachers are setting are specific, measurable, attainable, relative, and time-sound. If your teachers are struggling to set goals or see the bigger picture, you can always brainstorm ideas as a group or just one-on-one."

Should Coaches Be Experts?

Jim Knight reminds ICs not to practice a directive coaching model but find ways to have teachers guide their own learning instead.

"Effective instructional coaches honor the professionalism of teachers by ensuring that teachers make the decisions about what happens in their classrooms. This, as I stress in my work with schools, starts with teachers setting goals designed to have an unmistakably positive impact on students' learning or well-being."

5 Ways to Energize Your Coaching Programs

Claudia Owad believes a coaching "ripple effect" can happen with positive energy around high-quality coaching conversations in your organization.

" The key is recognising the importance the effect a coaching conversation can have across an organisation and how, as leaders, you can positively impact and influence this. As educational leaders, the ability to take a broader system perspective is crucial to identify patterns of behaviour and experience to understand what motivates and engages individuals and groups."

Color-Coded Coaching Calendars

Stephanie Affinito categorizes each activity of her coaching work to audit where her time is spent and where to focus more effort the following month.

"This method requires you to put EVERYTHING in your calendar, even your planning sessions or informal coaching activities that you might not normally have added. So be sure to get into the habit of tracking your days in this fashion and see what it reveals about your coaching to you. . . . I'm hoping the visual representation of colors will give me a better handle on my schedule so I'm not sucked into hundreds of emails, mindless scrolling and activities that I know do not support teaching and learning or my own health and wellness."

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