Weekly Coaching Roundup: Principal and Coach Partnerships

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2021-07 Roundup Header - Principal and Coach Partnerships

This month we're looking closely at the partnership between ICs and principals and why it's essential for coaching success. 😀 Enjoy!

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Creating a Culture of Coaching

Must-Read 👉 Your friends at TeachBoost put together a list of 5 things an IC and principal can do right now to build a stronger partnership.

" Partnership agreements are a fantastic way for principals and coaches to lay out their core responsibilities and create transparency in their work. Whether it's a sitdown conversation or formal agreement, be sure to find time to meet early on to set the tone for a positive partnership throughout the year."

A Collective Relationship

Grace Worrel and Melissa Llano reflect on their collaborative partnership built on trust and respect.

" Our impact is felt, seen, and heard by most when we work together. By starting the journey together, we were quickly able to establish a positive working relationship and tackle school improvement goals, professional development plans, and more together. Also, we are each other's go-to for advice, feedback, a sounding board, and thought partner; we both know that the other is someone we can always count on!"

Principal and IC Summer Conversation

Steve Barkley provides example questions that ICs and principals can mix and match to create a plan for the year ahead.

" It is critical that coach and principal function as a team and are seen by staff as being 'on the same page.' A teacher should discover that as she implements changes discussed with a coach, her principal notices and reinforces those efforts. It should be obvious to the staff that issues addressed in their faculty meetings align with topics of PLC and coaching conversations sparked by the coach."

Creating a Coaching Culture

Chrissy Beltran and Jacy Ippolito summarize their recent podcast episode on the need for a clear vision and "theory of action" for coaching to thrive.

" Coaching work begins with the principal having a clear vision for their school. He shares why special care must be taken to define the coaching role, create a menu of coaching services, and develop a schedule for working with teachers. . . . Principals and coaches need to work together to create a culture where everyone is clear on the coach's role and how they support teachers."

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Building the IC-Principal Partnership

Steve Barkley is back with even more questions to spark conversations between a coach and principal.

" The alignment of an instructional coach's and principal's messages to staff is important in maintaining teacher actions what will drive increased student learning. Both principal and coach must make constant decisions and responses to staff during busy school days throughout the year. Rich conversations assist principal and coach in knowing their thinking is based on agreed upon goals and priorities."

Coaching Can Benefit Principals

Andrew Miller shares a few ways ICs can support principals and what a cycle looks like between them.

"When instructional leaders partner with a coach, they leverage a job-embedded professional learning opportunity that is sustainable and doable. Leaders can partner with a coach connected to their responsibilities and by doing so also build a culture of reflection and continuous improvement."

Principal-Coach Partnerships

Jolynn Bernard reflects on how her relationship with her principal helped strengthen her work as an IC.

"Coaching was part of the school culture and we valued ongoing professional learning, so we made sure to create the time and space for professional learning to occur across each week and throughout the year. My relationship with the principal (as well as my colleagues) strengthened my coaching."

Step Up your Approach To Virtual Coaching

Kristi Sacha encourages ICs to have weekly meetings with their principals—especially in remote settings—to help nourish their relationship.

"The relationship between a coach and principal is essential to any coach's success. Be sure to meet or touch base with your principal weekly and ask what support they need. Principals may have identified some tasks for you, or they might just need someone to listen to them during this busy and challenging time. Pro tip: Ask your principal to promote virtual coaching and encourage others to tap into your knowledge!"

Bonus Articles! 🎉

Last year in our January Coaching Roundup, we covered how your principal can be one of your best friends in your day-to-day coaching efforts. Take a look at seven different strategies to help make that happen.

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