Weekly Coaching Roundup: Professional Development for Everyone!

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2022-03 March - PD for Everyone

Welcome back to TeachBoost's Coaching Roundup. Heads-up: This edition is chock-full of professional development ideas for everyone in your organization—from EdCamps to teacher-led sessions and everything in between. Read on for some creative in-person and on-the-go PD options.

For the coaches

Jennifer Conley offers a fresh approach to PD where teachers can observe, experiment, and practice new strategies in a low-stakes environment, in "Turn Your Classroom Into a PD Laboratory."

Stephanie Affinito believes that coaches can guide their own learning through her four-step processes built on self-reflection, in "Create a Personalized PD Plan."

Latoya Reed walks through her step-by-step guide for creating targeted PD and how to avoid roadblocks that may come your way, in "5 Steps for Planning and Designing PD sessions."

Amy Storer spotlights an interactive PD session that pushes teachers to be creative on the fly, in "ChoppED PD."

Crystal Frommert feels traditional PD can be tedious, but teacher-led mini-conferences help empower teachers with their learning, in "The Benefits of Teacher-Led PD."

Jennifer Conley encourages the use of "pineapple charts" to help teachers show hospitality in their classrooms and inspire a school-wide culture of collaborative learning, in "Inspire Better PD with Pineapple Charts."

Pam Hubler recommends "Edcamps"—educator "unconferences" that help promote informal collaboration—as a way for teachers to better drive their own PD, in "#EdCampPD."

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Bonus: PD Options for Those With No Time 🎉

Casey Watts showcases fun and strategic ways to build a culture of collaboration and learning among staff through on-the-go professional development, in "PD Here, PD There, PD Everywhere!"

Jason Clark highlights how his organization uses video to provide quick and targeted PD in an entertaining way, in "Engaging Mini-PD Through Video."

Kathryn Nieves prompts organizations to create hands-on, microlearning opportunities for teachers when rolling out new technology, in "Just-In-Time EdTech PD."

In 2021, TeachBoost packaged up a healthy serving of out-of-the-ordinary tactics for providing professional learning for those crunched for time, in "On The Fly Professional Learning."

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