Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 19: May 13, 2022

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - May 2021 (Seasonal)

Learn how to be a more compassionate coach, tips for putting educators' mental health through non-invasive coaching, why seeking feedback from teachers is valuable (plus some questions to get you started!), and more in this week's coaching roundup.

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Growth-Centered and Non-Invasive Coaching

Cassandra Williams reflects on how her coaching practice has changed since the start of the pandemic, allowing for greater flexibility and support for educators’ mental health.

"Using the GROWTH model, we review the teacher's goal and identify the resources that exist in reality. Then, we decide on the options that we can actually pursue. Together we select a task that's going to happen and work to create a habit that will stick."

Coaching With Compassion

Jennifer Waldvogel shares seven ways to kickstart lasting relationships with your coachees.

"As educators, we're constantly assessing, and the habit of viewing progress through objective measures is all around us. But in a coaching session, the best mindset we can convey is one that reserves judgment. To build that kind of supportive space, I try to remember to focus on the current challenge and provide the support that is needed in the moment."

Fostering an Effective PLC

Cecilia Cabrera Martirena highlights the main factors of a thriving PLC and how leaders can endorse them.

"PLCs need time to reflect on the learners’ development in all areas—academic, emotional, social, physical—and also to foster areas of inquiry that will provide relevant information. . . . Successful professional learning communities understand that teachers and school leaders share the same responsibility regarding the learners’ progress and achievements."

Digital Surveys for Reflection

Stephanie Affinito encourages ICs to seek feedback from teachers through surveys and entrance/exit tickets, plus shares some questions to get you started on creating your own.

" Each piece of information gathered from teachers can inform your practice and ensure your collaborations are authentic, relevant and timely. You can use this information beyond your professional development sessions and in your individual coaching as well: suggest books, mentor texts, articles, websites and even other teachers that could fuel teacher's interests and inquiries in meaningful and authentic ways. These connections pave the way for more sustained, intentional and collaborative work together."

Examining Your Coaching Role

Aaron Daffern covers his three-tiered coaching continuum and the IC's role at each end of the spectrum.

"Coaches, if you feel as if you're getting nowhere with your teacher, step back and examine your coaching role. . . . There is no one-size-fits-all approach, however. How they interact with teachers should be as varied as the the teachers they serve."

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