Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 46: November 19th, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - November 2021 (Seasonal) 2

Welcome back! This week we dove into how organizations can use microlearning sessions for educators when rolling out new technology, a handful of fun strategies that re-shift and re-energize your PLCs, the impact of both online and in-person coaching, and more. Enjoy! 😀

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The Secret to Re-Energizing PLCs 

Traditional PLCs are often dull and leave educators feeling like they're another task to do in their already busy schedules. Casey Watts offers a few fun strategies that re-shift the focus of your current PLCs to be ones focused on a shared culture of collaboration.

"We are in meetings all the time! What's important to maintain is the belief that every conversation matters; therefore, every meeting matters. And if the meeting doesn't seem to matter, begin to question how you can make it matter. Strategically facilitating meetings can make them matter, thus promoting that collaborative culture we desire. Treat every meeting as though it's meant to be collaborative."

Effective Communication 101

Chrissy Beltran highlights a recent conversation with Lisa Westman on why empathy and vulnerability are two skills ICs should focus on when working with teachers.

"As a coach, one thing you can do is let your guard down. When you let your guard down, other people let their guard down too. To create relationships that are sustaining, purposeful, and real you must put yourself out there first. . . . Coaches need to recognize that teachers have different points of view and experiences. When we are empathetic and understand their perspective, they are more likely to hear what we say to them."

Just-in-Time Edtech PD

Kathryn Nieves encourages organizations to create hands-on, microlearning opportunities for teachers when rolling out new technology.

"Microlearning can provide an ideal solution for school districts looking to overcome the barriers to traditional professional development, specifically in their technology training sessions. Microlearning uses just-in-time, bite-sized learning experiences to engage a learner anywhere and at any time. Instead of attending lengthy training, learners can work through microcourses, or mini-lessons, at their own pace."

A Sustainability Strategy for New Teachers

Lina Darwich and Alisun Thompson overview their "3 Rs to Remember" strategy that helps with teacher retention and stress.

"It's important to be aware of how rituals can help with our renewal, so our goal is for pre-service teachers to become intentional about carving out time for activities that they want to make into restorative rituals as they become teachers. . . . Without consistency, we can't identify their role in strengthening and renewal."

Research Insights: Online and Blended Coaching

Dr. Grant Atkins dives into recent studies that show how impactful both in-person and virtual coaching is as a form of job-embedded professional learning.

"While there has been limited research conducted on the efficacy of online professional development, particularly online coaching, early evidence suggests that it has the potential to be as efficacious as in-person coaching. Whether it is delivered in person or online, sustained, job-embedded coaching with coaches who are experts on an instructional model or program is the most effective form of professional learning."

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