Weekly Coaching Roundup, Week 39: October 1st, 2021

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Weekly Coaching Roundup - October 2021 (Seasonal)

We wrapped up September and the first whole week of fall by learning why mini-PD through video is both fun and effective, how to embody a coaching mindset, a six-step guide to plan and prep for coaching cycles, and more! 🍁

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Embodying a Coaching Mindset

Are you looking to dive below the surface in your coaching conversations? Miriam Guerrero Cheuk highlights four ways to build a genuine connection with teachers through life-giving coaching conversations.

" Full presence is not letting your assumptions and world lens affect the data you filter and the conclusions you draw. . . . Coaching the whole person allows us to understand better the coachee's thoughts and emotions that in turn affect their actions. Masterful coaches raise up the blinds to shine a light on limiting mental models. For transformational coaching to occur, one has to listen to what is (and what is not) said."

How One Oklahoma District Offers Mini-PD Through Video

Ready, set, action! 🎬 Jason Clark covers how his organization uses video to provide quick and targeted PD in an entertaining way.

"Our team weighed which options would be best to create our 'mini-PDs.' At first, we considered blogging or a podcast but finally settled on mini-videos. We chose video because it provided a personal touch, as learners could put a face to the learning, and if the presenter wanted to show or demonstrate anything, they could do so easily."

Where to Begin with Coaching Cycles

Diane Sweeney groups teachers into four quadrants based on their experience and collaborativeness level and explains why ICs should prioritize working with all types.

"If we target sub populations of teachers with coaching, we will undermine the precious resource that we do have. And if we just wait for the superheroes to participate, we may fail to engage a broad population of teachers. . . . Instead, we actively engage them by sharing the benefits (or the 'why') for coaching and provide a variety of options for how they can get involved."

Your Coaching Cycle Calendar

Kristin Houser walks through her six-step process to prep and plan coaching cycles and PD for the year.

"As coaching cycles are a form of professional development, it's helpful to have a calendar set-up that shows all of the professional development structures for your school. On this calendar, also add in holidays and any other 'no-school' days. You can then use this to map out where your coaching cycles would best be placed. . . . Once you've done the pre-work of mapping out your coaching cycles or 'rounds' for the year, you're ready to launch to the staff!"

A New Tool for PD: Box It Out

Stephanie Affinito takes us step-by-step through an easy three-part PD activity that sparks conversation and deep thinking with participants.

"This may be the easiest and most versatile idea I have tried to engage teachers in discussion, reflection and collaboration during professional learning sessions. This incredibly simple activity requires no preparation, can be used in virtually any professional learning session, can be personalized to whatever content you are hoping to explore and is sure to spark thinking and discussion."

Establishing PLC Norms

Nicole Turner believes PLCs flourish when ICs take a backseat to allow teachers the chance to lead.

"Norms and team values are important parts of a productive, successful planning meeting and PLC. . . . At the beginning of each meeting, 'set the mood' for team collaboration by having the teachers revisit the norms they set. Then ask them to read their core value(s) aloud. This reminds everyone of why they are there. It's not to serve their own agenda but to serve their students. Revisiting norms also ensures that side-table conversations don't happen and that extra work is put away, allowing everyone to focus as they prepare to share ideas."

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