Weekly Coaching Roundup: October 22nd, 2018

Weekly Coaching Roundup 10-08-2018 (Half) (Seasonal)

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Using an Inquiry-Based Coaching Cycle

Dr. Cristine LaMontagne advocates ways to explore and measure teacher growth while immediately addressing the needs of students in the classroom.

"Coaching through inquiry allows teachers to focus on developing a specific practice, strategy, or protocol to help solve a challenge in the classroom. . . . Teachers who participate in inquiry learning don't just feel supported, they will be able to specifically describe concrete improvement that took place in their students, as well as themselves."

Can Leadership Coaching Help Leaders Focus on What Matters?

Peter DeWitt dives into the benefits of coaching for school leadership and even shares a success story.

"Given the right dynamic between a coach and a leader, the coaching relationships can help the leader grow. A high quality coach can really help a leader choose the right goal to help improve the moral of the building, the school climate for students and adults, and put a real focus on learning."

The Value of Failure in the Classroom

Blake Harvard explores how you can turn a fear of failure in the classroom into something that can be nurtured through "retrieval practice."

"Retrieval practice is more effective as a study/practice strategy than simple rereading or highlighting, even though the attempts at retrieval may lead to failure. The connections and memories of what you were able retrieve w"

Reflection Promotes Promise

Nancy Meisenger highlights the value of reflection in the classroom for creating a powerful learning experience.

"Reflective thinking is an opportunity for our learners to seek self awareness as well as improvement in the process and product of learning. Not only does reflection help our students learn, but when they share reflections with us, we can work more effectively to meet students' needs."

The Impact of a New Teacher and Mentor Framework

Susan Thompson shares how one Georgia school district plans on using a coaching framework to develop, grow, and retain their new teachers.

"A key element of the framework is the utilization of a feedback loop that is an integral component of each professional learning session to clarify what learning is being implemented and to analyze the impact of the implementation, in terms of changes in teacher practice and student learning."

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