Weekly Coaching Roundup: October 29th, 2018

Weekly Coaching Roundup 10-08-2018 (Half) (Seasonal)

Read on for the latest Weekly Coaching Roundup and learn all about BDA-style coaching cycles, how effective "responsive coaching" can be, and more!

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ABCs of BDA: The Before, During, and After Coaching Cycle

Ellen Eisenberg reveals what goes into a "before-during-after" coaching cycle and how it can increase collaboration through deliberate conversations.

"The BDA cycle sets the tone and reiterates the seriousness of the coaching collaboration. It's a planned conversation that maximizes the time for collaboration, collective problem-solving, and consultation."

Do's and Don'ts of Responsive Coaching

Robyn Hartzell shares the importance of meeting teachers where they are in professional growth and how every coaching partnership is unique.

"Responsive coaching means that the path to meeting a goal will look very different for every teacher, campus, and district. There simply isn't a mold that works the same way for every situation. . . . So, while it may not be an easy approach, I encourage fellow coaches to continue learning and finding ways to support teachers where they are, no matter what that may look like."

Modeling on the Classroom Canvas

Vicki Collet explains the power of modeling lessons for teachers and how it impacts social learning.

"When coaches model, they convey this blend of science and art. They use best practices flexibly and uniquely with real students in the complex chemistry of a classroom. Teachers participate in an apprenticeship as they see this blend in action and as we dissect it together through conversations before and after."

Are We Really Communicating?

Dr. Alison Newby encourages coaches to be more empathic during coaching interactions by putting themselves in their coachees' shoes.

"We need to be honest with ourselves. Are we deep down seeking to 'tell' our coachees something, to listen in order to justify our own 'solutions?' Or are we genuinely trying to put ourselves in their shoes, listening in order to learn and modify how we're thinking and feeling in reaction to what we find out?"

The Impact of a New Teacher and Mentor Framework

Amy Foley promotes the use of a "visual cycle" when implementing lesson plans for teachers.

"I have spent a lot of time in the past year thinking about the process for designing NGSS units that are based upon the UbD framework, and which also connect with the PLC work of collaborative teams. Fortunately, I have been able to trial and refine this process as I work with collaborative teams. This has allowed me to improve and more clearly articulate the process each time I have worked with a team to help them plan a unit."

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