The 21-Day Instructional Leadership Challenge provides an endless supply of inspiration and ideas. Administrator participation numbers in the thousands—the THOUSANDS!—and the level of engagement and quality of feedback is tremendous. It's taken on a life of it's own. In fact, the Challenge will have its own booth at this year's NAESP conference—visit us in booth #920 to learn more!

We just received this great testimonial from a San Andreas, CA, Curriculum Director and it's a fantastic read. Here's an abridged version of her message:

As a first year Director of Curriculum K-12, the walk-throughs have helped me gain a more global view of where each of our 11 schools in our district are in their development. It has really helped me to have the important conversations with teachers and administrators and helped us to build a professional development plan for next year that looks at the bigger picture, not just from each site's perspective.

As an administrative team, we have had a SMART goal this year for walk-throughs, read Kim Marshall's Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation as a group, and even done joint admin visits at most of our 11 sites this year. But each quarter as we analyze our data, we fall short of the amount of time we have set as goals for our walk-throughs.

Last week, I showed Day 6 for the 21 Day Challenge to my superintendent. He was very excited about this challenge and wants all of our admin to begin the Challenge together at the start of the new school year. It is exactly what I was hoping he would say.

Our SMART goal is a good one, but we didn't have the structural help the Challenge provides, the action steps, the practical tools. The Challenge provides a way to address for ourselves as a PLC group what we want our teacher PLCs to be doing. . . set a goal, do the work, look at the results, make a new plan, do the work, look at the results. . . . a continuous cycle of improvement.

We love all of this. Thanks so much for sharing.

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