March 2018 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

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We can't believe March is almost over! It was a wet one here at TeachBoost HQ but we fortunately had a ton of great content to keep us busy. Check our weekly coaching roundup for some of it and read on below for ways to continue growing as a coach, why instructional coaches visit classrooms, to learn how to make coaching personalized, and more. Enjoy!

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5 Ways to Continue Growing as a Coach

Kristin Van Deman expresses ways she has continued to grow as an instructional coach and how you can too!

"One of the most important lessons I've learned along the way is the importance of continuing to push yourself, to learn, and to grow. In this pursuit of excellence, you'll remain engaged in your work and continually motivated to be the kind of coach all teachers need."

4 Reasons Why Instructional Coaches Visit Classrooms

Chrissy Beltran justifies the importance of getting into the classroom to support teachers and find professional learning opportunities, but also gain knowledge from their expertise.

"If I don't visit classrooms, I'm like a teacher who doesn't watch her students while they work. You can hand out an assignment and sit back. And then you'll have absolutely no idea what kids do, how or why they do it, and you've missed an opportunity to see how someone thinks."

Reigniting Your Instructional Coaching Work

Tonya Moody highlights her experiences of using video to advance professional learning, create meaningful reflections for growth, and model best practices for teachers.

"Without video reflection, we are making assumptions on what we believe is happening in our coaching. By using video reflection, we are using concrete evidence to grow our knowledge"

A Coach Approach to Reflection: Diving Deep

Shira Leibowitz advocates techniques for getting teachers to analyze their practice using the "ORID" model of questioning: objective, reflective, interpretive, and decisional.

"How do we enable teachers to engage in reflection in order truly to look at their practice? [...] Allow ourselves to linger in the reflective and the interpretive, gaining insight and understanding into questions and possibilities."

Reigniting Your Instructional Coaching Work

Eric Sandberg provides 9 tactics to get out of a coaching rut and spark your drive for coaching individuals or teams.

"We’ve all been there: The school year begins with traditional excitement, time passes and excitement continues to build toward the mid-year holidays, then things start to get a bit cold and stale. Perhaps your work with teachers also starts to become monotonous and repetitive. So, what do you do?"

Learning how to Make Coaching Personalized

Kelli Coons shares the importance of personalizing professional development and 4 ways for making coaching personalized.

"If a teacher is given the opportunity to develop professionally on their own terms and set their own goals, they will be much more invested in working with you."

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