New Feature: TeachBoost Cycles


TeachBoost Cycles helps administrators customize the teacher observation process by identifying the different steps in an observation sequence and linking together the appropriate templates. For example, a formal observation cycle might consist of a pre-observation, the observation itself, and then a debrief or post-observation conference. Won’t it be great to have all those forms in one place, as well as track your progress on each event?!


TeachBoost Cycles allows you to:

  • Group form templates together
  • Identify a group of linked forms as a single observation
  • Monitor your movement through the observation cycle via the progress bar

To create a new cycle, please email your engagement specialist with a list of each step and the appropriate templates. Once received, we'll do the heavy lifting and have the cycle up on your account within two business days. We recommend emailing us something like this:


TeachBoost Formal Observation


Scheduling a cycle is similar to scheduling an observation; just head up to the actions toolbar on your dashboard and click "Schedule an Observation." If you'd like to start a cycle, go to "New Observation" instead of "Schedule."


You'll notice that some templates have a blue indicator, while others are yellow. The yellow mark denotes a cycle, while the blue signifies a standalone template.


TeachBoost Cycles


Once you select the appropriate cycle, enter in the teacher's name and click "Schedule New Cycle."


From here, administrators can schedule and start any form, as well as monitor progress through the cycle. If you'd like to start a form, schedule a form, or view the summary of a particular cycle step, go to the actions column on the right-hand side.

TeachBoost Cycle Completion


Pro tip: Once an observation in the cycle has been started, the title will turn into a "live" link and the text will change to blue; click the title to be brought directly to the observation.


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