Our personalized professional development webinar series continued today with a deep dive into school turnaround, hosted by Detroit Public Schools principal, coach, and turnaround specialist Pamela Askew.

Pamela detailed her own method for school turnaround, from goal-setting and non-negotiables through guaranteeing safety and instructional quality. This is a must-watch for all educators going through the turnaround process.

Pamela drove home the point that personalized PD is absolutely essential. Here are some of our favorite soundbytes:

  • "If we don't address teachers' individual needs, it is impossible to turn a school around."
  • "We are instructional leaders; it is our job to make sure teachers have what they need."
  • "Personalized PD is a requirement for every staff member who interacts with students."
  • "My biggest pet peeve is giving up my time to attend PD that's one-size-fits-all."

Watch the archived webinar here and above.

View the full webinar schedule here, and use the hashtag #PersonalizedPD to follow along and contribute to the discussion. We hope you'll join us next week!