Q&A: How Are Coaches Staying Connected with Teachers and Offering Support Remotely?

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Lindsay Deacon reached out to fellow coaches on Twitter via #educoach about how they've continued supporting their teachers virtually. Below are some of the responses from ICs on all the different ways they're making themselves available for support while working remotely. 👍

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Question for y'all: Are coaches having set "office hours" or just responding when needed? This came up a lot for my coaches today. Trying to decide on a system... #educoach

Allison Peterson reaches out weekly to her teachers and shares a calendar where they can reserve time with her:

Allison Peterson
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

I set up time slots on my calendar for teachers to reserve a time to meet with me. I send them an email at the beginning of the week listing all the ways I can help and send the link. I've had a good response! #educoach

Region 13 Coaches use a Google Form to gauge their teachers' needs:

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We sent out a google form asking only two questions. 1. How are you? 2. How can we help? We responded to those who replies. #educoach

Nicole Millam makes herself available at all times and uses a Coaching Menu for teachers to choose their support:

Nicole Millam
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

I have appointments set up in my Google Calendar that teachers can schedule, and I send personal emails to teachers throughout the week checking in and reminding them what's on my Coaching Menu. Teachers can contact me anytime phone/text/email.

Brent Cudly's staff recruited teachers to help their peers with online tools:

Brent Cudly
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

Our coaches are doing both. Respond as needed but also provide an hour in their zoom room. We also have recruited some additional teachers to provide office hours to help with Canvas and zoom.

Tricia Louis has set office hours that she manages via Calendly:

Tricia Louis
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

I have daily office hours (7:45-3:30) and I STICK to them. I also have people make appointments with a @Calendly scheduler - because I am not always available at beck and call and if they need help with something I don't know, it gives me time to prep the meeting!

Kelly Fischer's staff of coaches took on targeted roles:

Kelly Fischer
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

Luckily we have six. One running a Zoom help desk, others providing set trainings, and others planning, developing and on call as needed.

Kristi Odell makes herself available as-needed and prioritizes her support when necessary:

Kristi Odell
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Replying to @TheRealLindsay2

No office hours for me. I make myself available to teachers, administrators and CO as I'm needed. When conflicts arise, I rearrange when possible and prioritize as needed. 😘#educoach

How are you making yourself available to teachers?
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