Reflecting on NYC's Edtech Shark Tank

What a night!

Here’s a big, big thanks to ThoughtWorks and InnovateNYC for hosting last week’s edtech Shark Tank. We were so excited to present to our hometown principals, and we were humbled and honored by the way the night unfolded.

Imagine this: After presenting for seven minutes in front of a panel of “sharks,” the bell dings and it’s time for a 20-minute FAQ. Ready to answer any questions that came our way, we were stunned as the first two “questions” were in fact compliments and praise. Michelle Rochon, principal at The High School for Global Citizenship, took the microphone to simply state, “...TeachBoost has significantly helped us this year...and well I guess this isn’t a question, but we really love TeachBoost.”

Then things got even more wonderful.

As our FAQ session continued and principals asked us questions, other panel members who were TeachBoost customers answered on our behalf. In fact, InnovateNYC host Preeti joked with our CEO Jason that maybe he should sit down and let the panel finish off the presentation for us!

That makes us happy for a few reasons:

  • We consider our customers to be true partners, and based on this event, we see that our customers feel the same way.
  • Customer support and engagement are two of our core values. Watching TeachBoost principals field questions tells us that our administrators are properly trained, actively use our instructional leadership platform, and are knowledgeable enough to be able to answer unscripted, unsolicited requests for information.
  • We’re providing benefits and value to our schools—so much so that they can’t help but boast about it. You really can’t beat that.

Thanks to all of you for contributing to our success, both in the shark tank and in your classrooms.

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