September 2018 Instructional Coaching Must-Reads

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We've gathered the top coaching articles from September's weekly coaching roundups. Read below to learn how to manage positive relationships, tips for new instructional coaches, how to be more influential, the difficulty of providing feedback, and more.

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What Not to Do If You Want to Be More Influential

Danger! Jennifer Abrams exposes three things during coaching interactions that might make others take you less seriously.

"Building up your ability to be of influence is done one interaction at a time. . . . Every moment of connection can help narrow or enhance your ability to be of influence. Make each moment count."

5 Ways to Make Demonstration Lessons Meaningful

Robyn Hartzell covers the major benefits of demo lessons to foster learning and trust when working with her coachees.

"Demonstration lessons can be an incredibly powerful tool for learning and for building trust, so it is worth our time to make them as effective as possible. . . . Once the teacher imitates your lesson, she will start making it her own, but she has to have the 'ingredients' to try the recipe first."

Starting the School Year Strong: 5 Tips for New Instructional Coaches

Tonya Moody shares her practiced techniques—based on her successes and failures—for new or transitioning instructional coaches to start their journey on the right foot.

"Forming positive relationships with your teachers lies at the heart of great instructional coaching. Creating a plan for forming relationships is most important because they don't magically form from just being in the same room."

Fostering Strong Relationships Through Positive Feedback

Nicole Turner explains the importance of feedback in coaching and the role positive feedback plays in collaboration.

"One of the biggest mistakes made in coaching is not delivering positive feedback. . . . By opening up positive communication with your teachers, you are opening the door for better communication all around."

Managing Relationships: The Power of Follow-Up

Lauren Smith explains the delicate nature of relationships for the learning process and tips for honing on-going relationships throughout the year.

"As a collaborative partner in learning, continually help your colleagues recognize their strengths and accomplishments with students and other colleagues, as well as acknowledge and help navigate through the times of productive struggle."

Giving Feedback: Check the Mirror First

Eric Saibel reflects on the difficulty of giving feedback and shares 5 strategies to consider before providing it.

"Giving feedback is just as critical to good leadership as possessing the openness of mind and heart to receive it. . . . But a leader needs to make sure that the conditions are right to create a positive feedback experience for the recipient."

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