TeachBoost Customer Spotlight Series: Miles State School


Miles State School is situated in a rural area in Queensland, Australia. As a result, teachers and administrators travel frequently in order to stay connected and share best practices with their peers, and the educator population is highly mobile.


In this Customer Spotlight interview, principal Adam Myers discusses his view of teacher effectiveness as a continuous improvement cycle, and explains how he turns his school's challenges into strengths.

  • Adam and his team make teacher development a top priority, ensuring teachers leave his region as stronger, more effective educators.
  • Using TeachBoost observation data, Adam identifies and connects teachers with complementary strenghts and needs, enabling productive and goal-oriented discourse unhindered by geographic boundaries.
  • Despite a significant time difference, Adam explains how the TeachBoost team has supported his work through a variety of communication methods.

We're excited to expand our work with Australian schools, and we thank Miles State for providing us with inspiration, feedback, and a fantastic story of instructional leadership and success.


Listen to the interview below or on Soundcloud, and learn more about Miles State School on their website.



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