Technology & Instructional Leadership: Summary and What's Ahead


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Weaving technology into the fabric of your instructional leadership program takes time, dedication and patience. Before even dipping your toe into the water, focus on articulating your objectives through a shared vision you and your leadership can unite behind. And if you’re just starting out, a detailed plan on how to integrate technology seamlessly into your current processes is the key to success—you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to see results!

Technology: Streamline, Report, and Support.

Technology has the potential to streamline your workflows, as you consolidate activities for admins and educators alike in a single, central location. All activities are accessible anytime, anywhere and incorporating video observations make remote coaching a possibility. On top of this, the data output from your observations and other activities in the system will make your investment in the process worthwhile.

Reporting facilities allow you to identify inconsistencies and harmonize ratings. You can also leverage high-level data to develop all levels of your district, before diving into the details that allow you to personalize feedback delivered to teachers and schools.

Further Readings

When it comes to leveraging technology with success, don’t start to run before you’ve got your system up and walking! Consider the following:

Looking Ahead: Chapter 4

In the upcoming chapter we will discuss the importance of chosing a partner, not a vendor, when it comes to outside resources/tools for your school and/or district. Also, we will learn how to plan for slow change in processes and how to prioritize growth and development while moving beyond compliance.

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