Three Reasons Why TeachBoost Coach Is Your All-in-One Coaching Tool

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Instructional coaches are superheroes in the education field but even superheroes need support from a sidekick (or tool!) at times. Read on for a few ways TeachBoost Coach can be the support you need to conquer the upcoming school year. 😀


e can all agree that the work instructional coaches do on a daily basis is challenging, rewarding, and everywhere in between. From supporting teachers in-person, remote, or even a hybrid-model, ICs need to be "on" at all times, and the last thing they should have to worry about is how to showcase the amazing work they do or manage their resources, meeting notes, and conversations. That's where we come in!

We at TeachBoost believe that every coach deserves a tool in their toolbox that helps them remain flexible, organized, and impactful while working with the staff they support, which is why we developed TeachBoost Coach, our all-in-one coaching tool.

Read below to learn how we can support you and how you can give us a try today.

1) Flexibility is at our core

TeachBoost Coach seamlessly tracks all of your coaching activities whether you're at home on a laptop or in a classroom with a mobile device. In fact, our new streamlined Activities page allows you to quickly add any coaching activity, anywhere, letting you to focus on the teachers and students in front of you.

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2) Staying organized is fast and simple

Let's face it: staying organized while juggling a ton of programs, papers, or even online tools can be a burden. Luckily, TeachBoost Coach brings all of your coaching work into one place. Whether you use Google or Microsoft tools within your organization, you no longer need to fumble between binders, online calendars (which you can sync seamlessly in your account!), and spreadsheets.

What about the teachers? Great question! Our updated Teacher Profile pages allow you to easily collaborate with your teachers and view the history of your relationship with them.

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3) Your impact is showcased

With ICs time being split between curriculum development, in-classroom coaching, and large group professional development, it can be difficult to demonstrate the impact of your work on teachers and students.

TeachBoost Coach simplifies that with our in-depth reporting to allow you to anonymize teacher data and share with stakeholders throughout your school community.

Final note

If you're looking to stay organized, showcase your impact, and remain flexible on the go then you need to give us a try! Stay tuned for upcoming product-related posts on ways you can to use TeachBoost Coach for both your remote and in-person coaching efforts. 👍

Ready to see for yourself? Try us for FREE!

TeachBoost Coach helps you manage your coaching cycles, goals, meetings, and evidence online. It works on any device, making it easy to take pictures and videos in the classroom directly connected to your coaching cycles. We're looking for instructional coaches to pilot the tool and provide feedback! Apply below 👇

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